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In 2011, born out of frustration, the internal software development team of our parent company was spun off to form Enoch Data Systems. Our mission is to eliminate frustration that businesses have with their existing systems and help them realize their maximum efficiency.

We deliver more than just software.  We understand the unique challenges that every business has in their workflow and processes.  Our philosophy is that business should not have to change their model or processes to be compatible with software.  Instead software should fit your business and work the way you work. We help clients identify and document their existing workflows and processes; if necessary we can help you improve or develop new processes and workflows.

Enoch Data Systems provides full service software development, maintenance, and operations services for small and medium size businesses.

Our Story

We were formed out of a frustration with the limitations of our existing software and the lack of effective software options available in the market.  Nothing fit our business properly and required us to change our business to fit the software. Adding insult to injury, not only was the upfront cost of the software expensive, but it also required expensive annual maintenance contracts to receive the latest updates and support.

Hampered by serious limitations, our internal ERP system was unable to provide us with the ability to track custom information and insight into our own data.  We ended up using multiple software systems to give us additional functionality that our ERP was unable to provide. This increased the complexity of our internal operation and decreased productivity. Data between these various software systems was siloed and isolated from one another.  Data had to be manually entered into the various software systems, twice sometimes three times.

Eventually our frustration reached the boiling point and we decided that it was worth the cost of developing our own custom software to solve our needs.   At first we contracted the development out to software development firms, but that did not last long. We sought out several different firms local and domestic, cheap and expensive.  None of them worked out for 1 common reason. They didn’t understand business. Not just our business, but any business with mild sophistication. They were not intuitive and were not able to anticipate  the ergonomics required for the software. During our many consulting sessions and project scope meetings, we spent a long time educating them on very common business needs and practices. To their credit, they were all very capable software developers and were able to write very good code.  But they lacked the fundamental insight into business needs that are required to design and architect business software. Working with these firms would have required many iterations of the software, costing us time and money.

In 2007 we formed our own internal software development team to solve our needs.  We molded this team and groomed them to understand 2 fundamentals, business needs and ergonomics.  With this team we created our own internal software to manage the data and operations of our business.  In some areas we kept existing software such as accounting and shipping, but created data connections between this software and other applications in our business so the data flow was automated.  We were able to connect to all the data available in our company and run valuable reports and analytics.

For 3 years our software development team only worked on our internal software projects, but in 2010 our founder was approached by a friend who had a business and was plagued by the same heachaches with software that we had.    We were able to help them by creating an inventory management system for their unique requirements and business process. We also implemented a simple order processing system and tied it in their software applications.

After several conversations and meetings with other business owners, we discovered a great disparity in the market between the unique needs of business customers and the lack of understanding and software technology from the providers. This shared frustration was the impetus for the formation of Enoch Data Systems.

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