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Unleash Magento’s potential with services from Enoch Data Systems

Magento 2 is a wonderful robust sophisticated e-commerce platform. However it is not without its frustrations. Our Magento service offerings will take your site to the next level and set you apart from the competition.

Bugs, Errors, and Problems

Magento 2 is a wonderful, robust, sophisticated e-commerce platform. However, it is not without its frustrations.  But unless you are a paid Magento Commerce customer, you do not have access to official support from them for bugs and errors. Your only recourse is help from the community.  You can try Googling your problem, posting an issue on the official Magento repository, asking on Stack Exchange, or the Magento Forums.  If you are not technical and do not in-house developers or IT staff, this can be daunting. These problems can grind your site to a halt. Which is a scary prospect when you are a small business and you depend on your website for your livelihood.

The source of bugs and errors in Magento can come from a variety of sources, within the Magento core code itself, third-party extensions, customizations, server environment, or the database.  Enoch Data Systems has the expertise to diagnose these problems and repair them. We can find and fix bugs in the Magento core code or third-party extensions. If there are problems with the server or hosting environment such as configuration, overzealous security settings, or permissions we will find them and fix them quickly.  With Enoch Data Systems you have a dedicated lifeline for help and support when you encounter bugs and errors in Magento.

Custom extension and feature development

One of the most beautiful things about Magento 2 is that it was created with extensibility in mind. Maximizing extensibility has been Magento’s goal through all aspects of its creations and development. At the heart of the Magento 2 architecture, is the concept of the module. Modules are self-contained entities of discrete code organized by feature. Believe it or now, but the entire Magento 2 system is built upon modules. Modules can be modified or replaced to achieve the desired functionality without affecting other areas of the code.

We have extensive experience with developing on the Magento 2 platform and knowledge of the Magento Architecture. We implement Magento best practices and guidelines for customizing the Magento platform. All customizations, extensions, themes, and features we develop are created “The Magento Way”. This ensures maximum compatibility with the Magento core and other components from third-party extension providers and developers.

From small modifications to extensive overhauls, Enoch Data Systems can help you customize Magento 2 to fit your needs and create new features for added functionality. Our specialty is complex extension development for sophisticated businesses that require workflows and processes that match their business operations. We also develop atypical extensions, for business in specialized industries that have very distinctive and unusual needs.

Third party application integration

Enoch Data Systems can help you integrate all your services and applications that you require to run your business with Magento 2, allowing for interoperability and automated data flow between all applications. Using the Magento web APIs, we can connect common applications such as Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Information Management (PIM), and marketing automation systems. For atypical applications that have specialized needs, we can develop custom APIs that will allow it to seamlessly communicate with Magento 2.

For customers requiring a more cost-effective integration between Magento 2 and their applications, we also have other semi-automated and fully automated data import/export solutions.

Front-End/Back-End UI/UX design

Stop using the stock Magento theme and cookie-cutter themes that thousands of other websites are using. Our designers will deliver a custom theme that is synonymous with your brand identity. If there are certain features or design elements that you like from other websites, we can reverse engineer and implement them on your website.

In addition to Front-End UI/UX design customizations, we can also overhaul the Back-End (Admin) user interface and customize it to fit your needs. We can create interfaces tailored to your business that will allow you to more efficiently manage your products, orders, customers, and other information in the Admin. Custom workflows that match your business processes and goals can be implemented in the Admin, so your staff can focus on getting their task done, instead of floundering with an unfamiliar interface and process workflow. Customizing the Admin to fit your business gives you measurable advantages in terms of quality of work and efficiency. It also reduces the amount of training and support overhead that your staff would have otherwise required; if the interface works they way they expect it to and also matches the business process workflow they are familiar with, they don’t need to be trained how to use it.

Answers to Magento Stack Exchange Questions

The Stack Exchange websites are a great resource for learning and finding answers to Magento problems. The chances are great that someone else has posted a question for the same issue or problem you are having with Magento. While the community does a great job of helping one another and answering a lot of questions. It is not always guaranteed that there is an answer to a question you are interested in or an answer that is applicable for your particular issue. Another downside is that Stack Exchange can be a rather hostile place for novices and amateurs that are new to Magento and are just trying to get some help.

We offer paid comprehensive answers and support for any Magento question you might have, as well as detailed answers to Magento Stack Exchange Questions. If there is a question posted with an answer that doesn’t quite solve your problem, we will evaluate the circumstances around your question and provide you with an answer. If you desire we can also implement the necessary modifications or changes required in the answer to the question.

Why Choose Enoch?

We understand how your business operates. Our core focus is creating applications that help businesses run more efficiently and give decision makers insight into their data, that was previously beyond their reach. We are easy to work with and are able to intuit the needs of your project. We help identify blind spots and offer advice on how to improve your processes and workflows. We are upfront about costs and will not try to over scope your project with things you do not need.

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