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Set Stone Edge data free with services from Enoch Data Systems

Thousands of online retailers and merchants have been using Stone Edge Order Manager for almost 20 years, for good reason. But one of its most frustrating limitations is its lack of cloud accessibility. In an era where almost everyone has ubiquitous access to the cloud and user experiences are seamless from device to device, Stone Edge can be a hindrance to your productivity and ability to stay ahead of the competition.  

Stone Edge App Virtualization

Access Stone Edge Order manager from any device, any operating system, any location, and improve performance and responsiveness.

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Stone Edge Data Automation

For Standard Stone Edge users running a Microsoft Access database, their data is siloed and isolated from other applications.  There is always the option of upgrading the the Enterprise version which allows you to run a Microsoft SQL database. But that upgrade is not trivial and requires an experience administrator or IT staff in order to run and maintain a Microsoft SQL server.  For most Standard Stone Edge users upgrading to Enterprise is overkill and out of the question.

We offer several automated import, export, and synchronization options for Stone Edge Order Manager that will allow you to easily access your Stone Edge data and use it in other applications.  

Automated Stone Edge Order Manager one-way synchronization with MySQL

Automated Data Imports into Stone Edge Order Manager from any data source or application

Stone Edge Order Manager live two-way synchronization with MySQL

Integrate and access Stone Edge Order Manager data in other applications

Automated export of Stone Edge Order Manager data into other databases and applications

We can sync your Stone Edge Microsoft access database and make it accessible over the internet

Stonedge in the cloud

We can create web-based interfaces that allow you to view analyze and report on Stone Edge Order Manager data. Responsive web interfaces allow you to access  Stone Edge Order Manager data from any mobile device.

Why Choose Enoch?

We understand how your business operates. Our core focus is creating applications that help businesses run more efficiently and give decision makers insight into their data, that was previously beyond their reach. We are easy to work with and are able to intuit the needs of your project. We help identify blind spots and offer advice on how to improve your processes and workflows. We are upfront about costs and will not try to over scope your project with things you do not need.

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